Long Distance

Long Distance

Long Distance

When it comes to Long Distance Moves, we go the extra mile for you! Our team sets out to avoid all bumps in the road, and safely transports your items on time and without issue!


How do I know if my move is considered Long Distance?

Long distance moves are those beginning or ending 30 miles beyond Allen, TX. Please know not all long distance moves are quoted at a flat rate, they may be hourly or flat depending on the circumstances.


What is the difference between a flat rate and hourly move?

Hourly moves include men, one truck, tools, equipment, shrink wrap, and pads. You are billed hourly for time, disassembly, reassembly, and additionally for requested pads, and boxes.

Flat rate moves include time and services such as disassembly, reassembly, gas, multiple trips/multiple trucks, additional pads, tolls, and boxes factored into the quote.


What can I expect with my Long Distance Move?

When completing a Long Distance Move, we always suggest an onsite look at the current residence. We coordinate a convenient time and day for the visit, and sit with you to discuss your expectations and needs. We take an inventory list of what is to be moved, and see if we can assist with any other needs like packing and unpacking. We shrink wrap and pad all necessary items, evaluate if multiple trips or trucks are needed, then provide you with a quote and plan of action. If the move requires multiple days of travel, we include the estimated days and arrival in the plan of action, and update you while on the road (when breaks are taken from driving.) You receive confirmation emails, calls, and a copy of your quote/invoice for your records.

How do I begin the process?

Please call 469-608-1366 or email nick@foundmoving.com and our moving specialist will help answer your questions and set up your onsite look!

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