Giving Back



In early 2016, our company raised funds for our first team mission trip to Tugri, Panama. Shirts were sold to fund baby baskets full of newborn supplies for Panamanian mothers. For the women that come from the mountain areas of Panama, such as Tugri, they often go to the hospital with nothing, and are not given anything, even diapers, for their babies. We were able to provide a baby baths filled with washable diapers, wipes, hats, blankets, shampoo, baby powder, and other supplies for mothers in the hospital!

During the next trip we took in June 2016, our team held a soccer camp and tournament for the young men in Panama. Teams and audience members walked hours from different villages just to participate in the event we held. During half time and breaks, we were able to share the word of God with the teams, and for the next few years to come, we will build our relationship with them through these tournaments.


In August 2016, the Owner, Kurtis, and Missions Coordinator Alan, traveled to Colombia along with a Spanish translator from Panama. In Colombia, the men were able to make contact, and build a relationship with one of the remote tribes there. The tribe of the Wiwas is so isolated, that the gospel has never been translated into their language. Kurtis and Alan helped the people in any way they could, from cooking and cleaning, to sitting and listening to stories in order to begin the bond. In 2017 our team will be returning and bringing audible versions of bible stories with them. These stories will be translated for the tribe, and our team will continue serving the local people and unreached areas of Colombia.


Ever thought about going to Turkey? Our team made their way to Istanbul, Turkey in October 2016. There they worked with the missionaries and refugees in many cities and slums, giving out clothing and food. Our team will be hosting another trip in the summer of 2017, and opens it’s doors to others who would like to join our mission work! Turkey is 98% Islamic, yet has a large European influence, making it an excellent location for outreaches. You will not only be giving your time and energy to others, but visiting underground cities where Christians escaped persecution, and ancient ruin filled with rich church history.


After 4 mission trips in one year, we decided that wasn’t enough, and sent our Operations Lead, Zach, and Missions Coordinator to Thailand. There tour team worked with a farmer Pat, an his family who disciple former criminals who have changed, and given their lives to Christ. Being that Thailand is 95% Buddhist, the ministry has transformed lives, and with our help and support, can continue the Lord’s work with those in need.

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