Yes. As required by the TxDMV, Household Goods Motor Carriers must maintain a current TxDMV license as well as cargo and general liability coverage.

You pay at the end of your move by cash, card, or check. We accept Visa, MasterCard, and Discover.

No. Tip is not included or required. If your men did a great job, and you’d like to give them a tip, most customers tip 10-15%

Move times depend on multiple factors such as distance between locations, floor level, number of boxes, size of residence/move.  Longer distance, higher floor level, and higher item count increase the time it takes to move.

Yes, clothing and linens can stay, but please remove misc. items and breakables, as they need to be secured.

A household goods moving company cannot move these items: hazardous materials, flammables, gasoline, chemicals, live plants, firearms and ammunition, or perishable foods

  • Throw away all unwanted items and trash
  • Ensure boxes and bins have lids and are closed and taped shut
  • Make movers aware of any damaged or unstable items,
  • Keep all valuables such as coin, currency, jewelry, valuable papers, etc. with you
  • Ensure items from attics are removed and easily accessible for movers
  • Disconnect all appliances and electronics


  • Packing
    • Throw away all unwanted items and trash
    • Make your children’s rooms the last ones you pack and the first ones you unpack
    • Begin packing 2-4 weeks before your scheduled move
    • Purchase different color labels to easily identify which boxes go in what rooms
    • Use small boxes to pack items such as books that may become very heavy
    • Pack all of your necessary, go-to items in clear plastic bins so you can easily find them in your new home
    • Pack your dishes vertically like records, they are less likely to break
    • You can use clothing such as t-shirts, towels, and blankets to cushion your items in place of bubble wrap
    • Take pictures of your electronics before unplugging them so you remember where everything goes
    • Keep cleaning supplies in an open box so you remember to keep them until after your move
  • Moving
    • Do not schedule any appointments on the day of your move
    • Your cable, internet, gas, and electricity should be turned off one day after you move out
    • Stop purchasing groceries on week before you move and allow your refrigerator 48 hours to defrost
    • Complete a walkthrough of your home before you movers leave to ensure no items were left behind
    • Send your animals to day care

Please call 469-608-1366 or email nick@foundmoving.com and our moving specialist will help answer your questions and set up your onsite look!

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